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Wisdom Teeth Ancaster


As we age, our teeth go through several changes. We start when we are very young with baby teeth. Once we reach the age of 17-21 we start to get what we call third molars. These are often referred to as wisdom teeth because we get them when we are beginning to mature.

About Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth come in properly they can be very beneficial because they give you more chewing power. The main problem we face is that there are often problems with wisdom teeth as they come into the mouth. They may crowd other teeth, be painful, or generally not grow in the proper manner.

Many individuals end up having to have their wisdom teeth taken out for a wide number of issues. If you have any problems with your wisdom teeth you should speak to your dentist at Golf Links Dental in Ancaster immediately to address the problem before things start to get worse.

Wisdom Teeth Need Room

Wisdom teeth need room to grow into the mouth. If they don’t have enough room they may not surface properly or they could come in at a wrong position. Your wisdom teeth may become impacted which indicates they are trapped under the gums or in the jaw. This is a common problem with wisdom teeth.

Common Problems

  • When the teeth aren’t in the right position you can get food trapped in the location and this can help bacteria which cause cavities to grow
  • When the teeth don’t come in properly you will have more difficulty flossing between the wisdom teeth and your regular molars
  • If the teeth partially come through they can allow bacteria to enter the gum line and this can cause an infection. you may have stiffness, swelling, or pain in the job.
  • When there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to come through they can start to crowd your other teeth or damage the teeth nearby
  • If you have a wisdom tooth which is impacted there can be a cyst that forms on the wisdom tooth or near the impacted tooth. This could damage nearby teeth roots or destroy the bone that is supporting the teeth

Why You Might Need Wisdom Teeth Removed

There are several reasons why you might need to have wisdom teeth removed.

  • Pain – If you have any wisdom teeth pain this can indicate a problem with them
  • Infection – A wisdom tooth may have an infection and this is an indication that the tooth might have to be removed
  • Cysts – These can form on impacted wisdom teeth
  • Tumors – In some cases, you may have a tumor that develops and this requires the removal of the wisdom tooth
  • Teeth Damage – Other teeth can be damaged by wisdom teeth and this requires the removal of the problem tooth
  • Tooth Decay – In some cases, the wisdom tooth may have serious tooth decay and needs to be removed. these teeth are generally a lot harder to save than other teeth are due to their position in the mouth
  • Gum Disease – Teeth that are impacted by gum disease such as wisdom teeth usually have to be removed if the gum disease is serious

Other Dental Care in Ancaster

If you are having other dental care done in your mouth the wisdom teeth may present a problem because of their position in the mouth or they may have serious decay or otherwise not viable anymore. In these cases, you will have to have wisdom teeth removed. For example, you may need dental work such as braces or other where are the wisdom teeth present a problem.

Dental Decision

Dr. Manjula Duhan at Golf Links Dental in Ancaster will discuss the various treatment options available to you. Dr. Duhan will examine the mouth and an x-ray will be taken. There are usually several options when it comes to wisdom teeth. In many cases, removal is the best option simply because of the position of the wisdom teeth and the fact that they are more difficult to work on than other teeth in the mouth.

Can I Keep Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth usually have to be monitored because later on in life they can develop problems. As a person ages, they tend to develop more problems with wisdom teeth. you should visit your dentist in Ancaster on a regular basis and be sure to floss around your wisdom teeth if you still have them. Dr. Duhan will be able to evaluate all of your teeth including your wisdom teeth if you continue to have regular dental check-ups.


While you may not develop problems with your wisdom teeth they are often the cause of many different dental difficulties. Often times, wisdom teeth don’t come in properly in the mouth or they can develop other issues such as crowding teeth or develop decay that is difficult to deal with due to their position. Your wisdom teeth need to be evaluated by your dentist in Ancaster on a regular basis to ensure that they are healthy.

If you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth or other dental issues, give Golf Links Dental in Anacaster a call today. Our office is conveniently located at Golf Links and Lincoln Alexander Pkwy in Ancaster. Our practice is growing and welcoming new patients.