Which Technique Is Optimal for Treating Gaps between Your Teeth?

Which Technique Is Optimal for Treating Gaps between Your Teeth?

September 1, 2021

You follow your dentist’s instructions to the word brushing in the morning and evening, flossing at least once a day, meeting the dentist every six months, or ensuring your oral health is in prime condition. Except for the gap between your front teeth, you like your smile for the better part.

You wonder where you can get teeth gap treatment to put away the embarrassment you feel every time you try to smile. You may think the gap between your teeth is a minor issue that is causing you to become self-conscious. However, dig deep into how you can correct the problem. You can find different remedies from dentists to get back the smile you lost due to reasons like shifting teeth, missing teeth, thumb-sucking during childhood, periodontal disease, or an overgrown frenulum.

Advances in dentistry now make various available treatments to fix issues with teeth spacing. However, the remedies available to improve the gap between your teeth vary in cost and effectiveness. Therefore you must seek treatment from an experienced dentist near you before you jump at any available remedy for the condition affecting you.

Why Would You Want to Fix Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Besides causing embarrassment every time you smile, teeth with gaps between them also affect your oral hygiene. Food particles and bacteria find the holes appropriate hiding places triggering plaque buildup, which leads to gum disease and periodontitis besides tooth decay if left untreated.

You may also have a misaligned bite if you have gaps between your teeth. A misaligned bite makes you experience difficulties chewing and pain in the jaw and ear, compelling you to swallow large chunks of food, and resulting in digestive problems.

Fixing Gaps between Teeth Is a Tricky Issue Needing Help from an Expert

The complexity of the situation in your mouth determines which treatment you can have or eliminate the gap between your teeth. Treatment options like teeth bonding for gaps, dental veneers, and orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign are all suitable for improving your smile.

The time needed for the three treatments also varies from one appointment with the dentist near you, three appointments with dentists spanning over three to four weeks, and three years or more if the problem affecting you is complex.

The best way to determine which teeth gap-filling procedure best suits your needs is to visit your dentist to evaluate your condition.

Convenient Methods for Filling Gaps Between Your Teeth

If you want a convenient method of closing the gaps between your teeth, perhaps the most convenient and affordable approach is dental bonding. Dental bonding requires one visit to your dentist to fix the embarrassing space impacting your smile.

If you are not aware of dental bonding, it helps if you research how dental bonding helps repair minor imperfections with teeth, including chips and breaks, discoloration, gaps between teeth, and teeth lengthening. The dental bonding procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia unless you have severe tooth decay needing treatments to fill cavities. Your appointment will likely finish in 30 to 60 minutes and cost merely $ 300-$ 600 per tooth. However, dental bonding before and after results will probably surprise you by dramatically improving your smile.

You can schedule an appointment with our dentist during lunchtime with gaps between your teeth and walk out of the dentist’s office within the hour, showing everyone you have a perfect smile.

During your appointment with the dentist to close teeth gaps, the dentist selects a composite resin color matching the shade of your natural teeth. Next, applying an itching liquid between the gaps help the composite material adhere to your teeth. Finally, the dentist completes the procedure by using the composite material over the etched gaps between your teeth to harden it with a unique light before polishing it to give you a smile you desire.

Other treatments like dental veneers require enamel removal and at least three visits to dental offices, while orthodontic treatment to close the gap forever takes three years or more before you see visible results. Dental bonding is perhaps the only remedy that allows you to flash your brilliant white smile within the hour at affordable prices, making you happy with the appearance of your teeth.

Remember, despite its affordability and convenience of treatment, dental bonding is merely a temporary measure and requires replacements every five to seven years because it is vulnerable to chipping in breaking besides attracting discoloration over time. Therefore, prepare yourself to repeat the dental bonding procedure to close gaps between your teeth at regular intervals or consider treatments like veneers or braces to permanently resolve the issue.

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