Denture Repairs in Ancaster, ON

As we all grow older, our oral cavities change shape. As the gums and bones shrink and recede naturally, the jaw may no longer align properly. When this occurs, dentures will no longer fit well. Ill-fitting or worn dentures can cause mouth sores, infection, and other oral health concerns. Your Ancaster, ON dentist at Golf Links Dental will give you the heads up if you need a new set of dentures.

Replacement Dentures in Days Not Weeks

At Golf Links Dental, we operate much differently than other local dental providers. You will get your replacement teeth in days, not weeks. For our patient’s convenience, we offer an on-site dental lab, your dentist and denture technician can partner together to deliver the best fit for you.

To maintain dentures that are well-fitting and functioning properly, our experienced dentist at Ancaster, ON, recommends replacing your prosthetics every 5–7 years.

In the meantime, it is likely that your dentures will need to be repaired at some point during that time.


If you develop mouth or gum irritation or a sore spot, our dental team can make adjustments to your dentures to relieve any discomfort. Soreness can result when your denture rubs against the soft tissues of the mouth.


When your denture is still in good shape, and the base has not worn out, your Ancaster, ON dentist may recommend rebasing. This is the process of replacing the whole acrylic base without replacing the prosthetic teeth. If your denture is cracked or old, it may need to be rebased.

Several reasons for a denture rebase may include:

  • Damaged or broken denture
  • The immediate denture must be replaced
  • Worn out or weakened the pink base

Denture Repairs at Golf Links Dental

Dentures get damaged for many reasons. When this happens, the problem should be addressed immediately. Denture repairs in Ancaster, ON restore a damaged or fractured denture to its original condition. Our dentist at Golf Links Dental can usually provide denture repairs near you on the same day. The dental professionals at Golf Links Dental will discuss with you the condition of your replacement teeth. We will recommend steps to prevent further breakage.