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Night Guards

Dental Night Guards

To Help You Relieve Tension From Grinding Your Teeth

Improve the Health of Your Teeth With Night Guards

Dental night guards are designed for people who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep. These destructive behaviours can cause a lot of damage to your teeth as they tend to wear out if it persists for a prolonged period.

Damage may include sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, some pain if your nerves become exposed, receding gums, and cracks in your teeth. Some also suffer from shoulder, neck, and back pain while others get headaches because of the grinding. Wearing dental night guards provides an effective solution by protecting your teeth.

Golf Links Dental in Ancaster offers custom dental night guards once one of our dentists completes an assessment, consisting of an inspection of your mouth and taking an impression to accurately measure your teeth. This impression will then be sent to our dental lab for fabrication.

The guards are designed to cover your upper teeth to prevent contact with the lower teeth. The dental guards are lightweight, making it easy for you to sleep comfortably without interfering with your breathing. The dental night guards are made of plastic or laminate material. You also get to choose between hard or soft guards depending on your comfort level.

We aim to improve your dental health by ensuring that your teeth are in great condition. Teeth grinding can be a frustrating condition and there is no known cure. We offer products that will keep your teeth safe from grinding. It is important to note that you have to wear the night guards regularly to prevent tooth damage.

Give Golf Links Dental a call if you are suffering from grinding your teeth at night.