In What Way Are The Dental Night Guards Of Significance To You?

In What Way Are The Dental Night Guards Of Significance To You?

August 2, 2021

Teeth grinding Is a problem among most individuals today. It can lead to eventual damage if the teeth. One of the well-known treatments for this is dental night guards. This prevents pain, discomfort, and tooth destruction later on. Nightguards can get fitted through various methods. It involves using the boil-and-bite, ordering online, one-size-fits-all, and custom-made dental guards. You can get night guards for your teeth from your nearby dentist. This article talks about the various kind of tooth guards you can get for your dental matters.

A night guard is an appliance that is fitted on top of the teeth. Most night guards are plastic materials. The night guards are also called nocturnal bite plates or bite splints. They prevent the tooth enamel from suffering excess jaw clenching at night. The night guards for teeth grinding may end up having some indentations due to the force exerted on it. Some people have the view that bite splints are not suitable for dental health. This article talks more about this issue. Are dental night guards worth it? Read on and find out more about the benefits, side effects, and facts about the night guards.

The Different Types Of Night Guards.

There are various kinds of nightguards in the market today. You can get one either over-the-counter in shops or at a dentist’s office. However, get yours at a dentist’s office as it is more suitable. They are:

1. Dual laminate night guards:

They rectify mild tooth-grinding problems. These are mouths that have a soft inner surface and a hard outer surface. One can not easily adjust this mouthguard. It weighs more than other dental guards. The dual laminate appliance lasts for a long period.

2. Soft night night guards:

This device is less expensive and is very comfortable. It only has a warranty of about six months as it is not too durable. It does not last as long as the hard night guards.

3. Hard night guards:

The hard mouthguards are acrylic. These are very tough and tight on the dentition. They are essential for severe jaw clenching cases. Strong mouthguards last for the longest period, more than a year. This device is not cost-effective. However, it prevents the teeth from moving when sleeping.

Limitations Of Night Guards

There are many reasons why a nightguard may not be a good idea. This device does not address the actual cause of the tooth grinding. It only rectifies the sign that it shows (the jaw clenching). One will not stop grinding because one use a mouthguard. Instead, you will continually need to use the appliance.

The causes of teeth grinding are numerous. Temporomandibular joint disease(TMJ) and sleep apnea are some known causes of severe jaw clenching. However, the reason for this dental problem never gets known in most cases.

Sleep apnea, which deals with the airways, is a cause of most grinding issues. Dentists can make the mistake of not examining a patient well before recommending the use of a nightguard.

The Benefits Of Night Guards

The night guards are still beneficial to individuals even if they do not solve the main problem. These devices help to protect the teeth from further damage.

Night guards for teeth are the best treatment options for people who do not have sleep apnea. One of the benefits of night guards is that it helps treat specific snoring issues not related to sleep apnea.

These apparatuses keep the airway slightly open and allow for proper breathing during sleep. One does not have seizures of breath when using a mouth guard at night.

Discomfort and pain associated with teeth grinding cases get minimal by dental night guards. You can contact our dentist near you today and get a night guard that fits your teeth properly.

The best step to take when you need a dental guard Is to see your dentist. Do not just get any device over the counter in shops or pharmacies. You can at least get a prescription order from the doctor.