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How Invisalign Works


Step by Step Process on how Invisalign Works

There are several steps to the Invisalign process that you need to be aware of when you visit the dentist. Here is what you need to know about Invisalign.

Using Invisalign

If you have ever wanted a new smile, you may be concerned about braces. Gone are the days of old ugly metal braces and you can now use Invisalign. You will get the same great results with these braces that you get with metal without it looking like you have braces on.

Initial Consultation

You will go to your dentist for a consultation to see if Invisalign braces will be the best choice for your needs. The dentist will be trained in how to install Invisalign so your regular dentist may refer you to a trained orthodontist that has this specific training. This will cost you financially and it’s a big step to take so you need to speak with a professional first before the work is done. The doctor will take x-rays of your teeth and look at your medical history to see if Invisalign is the right choice for you,

Customized for You

The Invisalign treatment will be customized for you based upon your needs. A 3-D image of your teeth is taken and this is used to help plan the positioning. A couple of teeth will be straightened at once and the entire process is going to take a but a year for both adults and teenagers but this will vary somewhat person to person.

The Braces

The braces that go on are made out of clear plastic and they don’t cause mouth irritation like metal braces can do. These are worn every day but you can take them to floss your teeth or to eat and then put them back in. If you play sports you can take the aligner out and use your mouth guard if needed s you have a lot of flexibility with Invisalign. They work best if uses for 22-22 hours and don’t leave them out for too long.

Changing them Out

Next in the Invisalign process is changing the aligners. Around every two weeks, you will receive a new set of aligners from the dentist but this is based upon your treatment plan and needs. As you go through this process, the teeth begin to straighten out for you. The doctor will examine the teeth and do each of them in stage and adjust if it’s needed.

Scheduled Checkups

Every six weeks during the Invisalign process you’ll go back for a checkup to see how the braces are performing or of any other adjustments need to be made. In some cases, you may need a retainer to keep the teeth locked into the new position. You will also have to have regular dental teeth cleaning for best results with Invisalign.


So now you know about the Invisalign process. These braces work well and don’t have that cumbersome appearance that regular braces do. If you want a new smile, speak to your dentist today about Invisalign.

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