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Dentures, sometimes referred to as false teeth, are devices that are constructed in order to replace missing teeth or a tooth. They are removable and are held in position by the surrounding hard and soft tissues in the mouth. There are different types of dentures that can be utilized including:

Complete Dentures:

This can be classified as either immediate or conventional dentures. Complete dentures are utilized when a tooth has been removed and the gum tissues have begun to heal. Conventional dentures can replace missing teeth after twelve weeks of their removal. On the other hand, immediate dentures are prepared in advance and can be used to replace a missing tooth as soon as it is removed.

Partial Dentures:

It is a tooth replacement attached to a gum-like coloured substance base which in some cases may be connected to a metal framework to hold it in position while in the mouth. Partial dentures are commonly used when there are more than one natural tooth in the upper or lower jaw remaining. A fixed bridge can be used in ensuring that the dentures are held in position in the jaw.

Benefits of Dentures:

Teeth play an important role in determining a person’s appearance. Without teeth, many people experience lack of confidence or lower self esteem with regard to their looks. Dentures help restore beauty and hence lift the confidence of many going through stress about their appearance caused by loss of their teeth. Dentures help in hold up various muscles in the face to help improve any sagging.


Pronunciation entirely depends on teeth, the tongue and the lips. Without teeth, articulating some sounds may be a problem. At the end of the day, many will struggle to understand what you are saying. With dentures, pronunciation is as natural as before, something that everyone yearns for.

Eat What You Want:

Teeth play a very special role when it comes to food consumption. The majority of foods must be broken down by teeth in order to be digested properly. However, lack of teeth may compromise this, a problem easily corrected by dentures. Dentures allow for the consumption of all types of food.

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