Denture Types Explained: What Is Perfect For You?

Denture Types Explained: What Is Perfect For You?

January 18, 2023

Having a missing gap between teeth can reduce your confidence when smiling. Moreover, missing a tooth can lead to dental complications like bone loss. Tooth trauma, decay and gum disease are some of the reasons that can lead to tooth loss. The good news is that there are various options for replacing missing teeth. One of them is through dentures.

This article will take you through what dentures are, the types, and more. So, let’s dive into it.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are teeth replacements recommended when you have weak or missing teeth. The tissues and gums in your mouth support these dental appliances. If you’ve been looking for a dentist who fixes dentures in Ancaster, ON, you might have heard of dental implants and false teeth. So, how do dentures compare to them?

Dentures vs False Teeth

The truth is there is no difference between dentures and false teeth. Once you lose your permanent natural teeth, the dental appliance that our dentist near you will install in place of the natural tooth will be referred to as a false tooth.

On the other hand, a dental implant is a tooth’s root replacement that is fixed into your jaw to support dentures or dental bridges.

Now that we’ve got that out, what denture can your dentist recommend?

Types Of Dentures

Conventional / Traditional Full dentures

Traditional dentures are recommended to replace all teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Conventional dentures are placed in your gums to help you chew, speak better, and have a good smile.

This type of denture is removable, which implies you can remove and clean them to avoid plaque buildup. Therefore, this type of denture will suit you if you miss all your teeth.

Custom Dentures

As the name indicates, this type of denture is carefully made to suit your preferences and smile. Because of the adjustment the dentist will make to suit your preferences, custom dentures cost more than conventional ones. Although expensive, custom dentures are suitable for patients who desire a more natural-looking smile.

Partial Dentures

The dentist recommends partial dentures when you have some remaining natural teeth. These removable dental appliances are connected to a metal framework to hold them in place. The good thing about partial dentures is that they prevent the loss of the remaining healthy teeth.

Immediate Dentures

As the name indicates, these dentures are placed on the same day once the dentist removes the affected teeth. Therefore, if the dentist says that your jaw is unsuitable for dental implant installation, immediate dentures will suit you.

Economy Dentures

Economy dentures are the cheapest dentures on this list. They can be referred to as generic dentures as they don’t fit perfectly in your mouth, and therefore an adhesive is used to attach them properly. Therefore, economy dentures will suit you if you’re on a budget.

Snap-In Dentures

Snap-in dentures are the most stable dentures on this list. This is because they’re anchored to your natural teeth or held in place with dental implants. The dentist will recommend snap-in dentures if you have enough bone tissue to support a dental implant.

Implant- Supported Dentures

Dentures anchored to a dental implant are stable too. This is because a dental implant acts as an artificial tooth root on which the denture is placed. The good thing with implant-supported dentures is that they are durable.


After getting a dental implant, the dentist can recommend an overdenture. An overdenture is different from an implant-supported denture because it is removable. The overdenture is placed atop the gums and anchored to a dental implant.

Which Dentures Suits You?

Now that you know the dentures available in the dental clinic, the final step is choosing which one suits you. However, before doing so, there are factors that you need to consider:

  • Dental needs and requirements– some dentures require the dentist to remove the existing teeth before placement. Therefore, you should head to Golf Links Dental to discuss which dentures will suit your needs with our dentist.
  • Budget– the dentures listed earlier have different costs. Therefore, you should discuss your budget to ensure you find a cost-effective denture.
  • Comfort– there are removable and permanent dentures. Ensure you know which will fit you comfortably.
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