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Regular Dental Check-up and Cleaning


Dentist in Ancaster on Regular Check-ups

You may think skipping dental appointment is not a big deal, but deteriorating oral health can greatly affect the quality of your life. Also, in a long run, seeing your Ancaster dentist and a dental hygienist at Golf Links Dental can help you save money.

Detecting small problems before they become major issues is the way to go. If you let things get too far, you might be at a risk of losing teeth and that can affect the way you eat, speak & even change the shape of your face!!

Also, there is no need to talk about how embarrassing the bad breath is. Whether in professional or personal life, having healthy teeth and gums can have a major impact on your self confidence.

At Golf Links Dental, Dr. Manjula Duhan – dentist in Ancaster recommends that you visit the office for regular check up and cleaning every six months. Sometimes, depending on your oral health condition, we might even recommend a more frequent dental visit.

What is the importance of dental check-up?

    1. Cavities detection; Through examination and doing x-ray, your dentist in Ancaster can detect if there are any visible cavities or hidden cavities between any two teeth so that he can do fillings for them before they turn worse.
    2. Gums check-up & cleaning; The dentist can also detect the presence of plaque, calculus and inflammation; Calculus and inflamed gums lead to bad breath, bleeding during brushing and loosening of teeth by time. Scaling and polishing your teeth in the dental clinic every 6 months will remove calculus, decrease inflammation and make your teeth shine brightly.
    3. Check your bad habits; grinding your teeth during sleep, eating hard sweets or biting your nails can remove the outer hard layer of your teeth leading to sensitivity and making your teeth more capable of fracture. Also, smoking and chewing tobacco will make you at a higher risk of having oral cancer. Your dentist will help you a lot to get rid of these bad habits.
    4. Oral cancer detection & Lymph node check-up; as early detection of any abnormalities can be lifesaving in many cases.

After dental check-up with Golf Links in Ancaster, you should maintain healthy mouth habits including:

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily using a soft bristle toothbrush.
  2. Floss at least once per day.
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet especially nuts, cheese, vegetables and non-acidic food.
  4. Limit food and drinks that contain sugar or carbohydrates.

If you have been putting off a visit to the dentist, give Golf Links Dental a call today. We are a family dental practice in Ancaster and have been treating patients of all ages. Regular dental check ups can go a long way to ensure a lifetime of healthy smile.

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