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How Much Does Invisalign® Cost

Cost of Invisalign

Do you think twice before smiling or are embarrassed of your misaligned teeth? Or do you cover your mouth every time you laugh? It is time to change that. Gone are the days of the typical metal braces which make you feel like the odd man out. Invisalign is the revolutionary solution to all such problems. Invisalign is available at Golf Links Dental in Ancaster, where we provide you with the best possible treatment. Dr Manjula Duhan and her team is dedicated to correcting your smile and doing it without anyone knowing!

What Exactly is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the new technological advancement in the field of orthodontics i.e. the branch of dentistry which deals with the correction of tooth position by moving it within the jaw bone. Traditional braces are still used but can be are very inconvenient for the patient and most of all they are visible on the teeth in spite of the advent of tooth colored braces which are placed by matching their color to the teeth.
cost of invisalign ancasterDental hygiene is another common obstacle with braces which can cause dental caries due to difficult accessibility to the tooth brush whereas; you can completely remove the invisalign aligner to brush your teeth like you regularly do.
All these factors are irrelevant if you go for the invisalign treatment. Basically, invisalign is made up of a transparent plastic like material called acrylic which covers all your teeth like a cap, while simultaneously applying small grade forces on them to move them from their current unfavourable position to more favourable one. They are custom made according to the individual patient needs and follow the contour of the teeth so that they have smooth surfaces which don’t leave any room for formation of ulcers or any such inconvenience to the patient. Also, since they are totally transparent, they are not visible when you smile or talk thus making them the current favourite of people of all age groups, especially, teenagers who are more conscious of their looks.

Is it Worth the Money?

Absolutely yes! Invisalign in Ancaster is offered at Golf Links Dental where they can range from $3000 to $8000 depending on the condition of your teeth which will be determined once we do a comprehensive examination of your oral cavity. Typically, these aligners are changed on a frequent basis and the cost may go up depending on the extent of misalignment of your teeth. Greater misalignment means more number of invisalign clear aligners and thus greater cost. Primarily the cost difference is based on the complexity of your case and the length of your treatment.
There isn’t much difference in the price of invisalign when compared to the typical braces but the convenience factor always outweighs the price difference.

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost?

Yes, depending on your coverage, a lot of insurance plans will cover the cost of your treatments. You will need to call your insurance company to confirm the amount being covered.
You can also speak with us about payment plans at the office.
Have more questions? Call Golf Links Dental in Ancaster to book an appointment and start your invisalign treatment today!

Additional Information can also be located at the Invisalign website.

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