Can A Nightguard Change Your Bite?

Can A Nightguard Change Your Bite?

April 1, 2022

Clenching or grinding your teeth is a medical condition also known as bruxism. Bruxism causes pain, headaches, and temporomandibular jaw disorders (TMD) such that you have problems when eating. Furthermore, bruxism can damage dental crowns and wear down tooth enamel, increasing teeth sensitivity.

Although there is no cure for bruxism, dental therapies and medications like nightguards can decrease its frequency and impact. Usually, dentists in Ancaster, ON, prescribe a nightguard to combat the adverse effects of bruxism.

As much as nightguards alleviate bruxism symptoms, are they safe? Kindly read on to find out the side effects of a nightguard and the safest one for you?

What is A Nightguard?

A nightguard is a hard or soft piece that covers the biting surfaces. It is made from retainer-like plastic, and you can wear it over the top or bottom teeth. Although there are over-the-counter nightguards, they are not as durable and effective as a custom nightguard. Unfortunately, over-the-counter nightguards can change your bite over time because they do not suit your teeth’ shape.

Dentists at Golf Links Dental customize nightguards to suit your bite by taking impressions of your teeth. Therefore, the nightguard wouldn’t be uncomfortable or bulky. Furthermore, custom-made nightguards are durable.

Best Nightguard for Overbite

The two significant nightguards in Ancaster, ON, are over-the-counter and custom-made. You can get over-the-counter nightguards at drug stores. Because these nightguards are one-size-fits-all and pre-molded, they may not fit your teeth properly. Furthermore, boil and bite nightguards can give you a better fit when softened in hot water. Generally, long-term use of over-the-counter nightguards shifts your teeth and changes your bite.

On the other hand, custom-made nightguards are personalized solutions dentists create using your teeth impression. Although more expensive, they are more comfortable and durable, protecting your teeth.

After considering the two types of nightguards, it is safe to say that the custom-made option is the best for overbites because they fit precisely over your teeth and bite, protecting your teeth surfaces from grinding against each other.

Can You Choke on A Nightguard?

An adequately fitted nightguard shouldn’t pose a choking hazard. Therefore, an over-the-counter nightguard may not be the best for you. In addition, over-the-counter nightguards are bulky, can shift, and even trigger a gag reflex, thus increasing choking tendencies.

Fortunately, custom-made nightguards in Ancaster, ON, fit your mouth snugly, enhancing comfort and improving safety. Furthermore, they help you manage your sleep bruxism without triggering your gag reflex.

Can A Nightguard Realign Jaw?

Yes. A nightguard can realign your jaw without affecting your breathing when sleeping, especially if you have TMD. In addition, the nightguard alleviates pressure on your jaw muscles and ligaments, relaxing them.

How To Adjust to Your Nightguard

A custom-made nightguard in Ancaster, ON, is more comfortable than the over-the-counter mouthguard; therefore, they don’t need much adjusting to. However, it is best to wear your nightguards for short periods during the day to help you adjust to the feeling and practice breathing.

Furthermore, you can keep your nightguard clean by brushing it with mild liquid hand soap. After cleaning, dry off the nightguard to prevent moisture buildup. Cleaning your nightguard makes you feel comfortable and also preserves your oral health.

Wrapping Things Up,

Although nightguards are ideal for alleviating the effects of bruxism such as headaches, tooth damage, and TMD, they also come with their side effects. Nightguards, especially those you get over the counter, are uncomfortable, do not fit your teeth properly, and change your bite over time.

Nevertheless, custom-made nightguards are more effective in reducing bruxism effects without posing a hazard. Therefore, visiting a dentist in Ancaster, ON, is best for a customized nightguard. The dentist will take your teeth impression and mold your nightguard.