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Bridges & Crowns are devices that are cemented onto the teeth. They are mostly used to strengthen fractured teeth or teeth that are weak. They can be cemented on existing teeth or teeth implants. After you have the bridges & crowns cemented on your teeth, you will not be able to remove them unless you visit a dentist. This makes them different from dentures which can be removed regularly for cleaning.

How Crowns Work

A tooth crown covers the tooth entirely. It offers strength to the damaged tooth that has been covered. It can improve the appearance, alignment and shape of the tooth. For those who have implants, a crown can be provided to cover the implants as a way of giving them the appearance of a natural tooth. There are crowns made out of ceramic or porcelain which resemble the natural teeth. Other materials that can be used to make crowns include acrylic, metal alloys, gold and ceramic.

Uses of crowns

Replacing large fillings:

In some cases there may not be enough tooth remaining to hold large fillings. A dentist can decide to apply the crown to hold the fillings.

Protecting weak tooth:

In case you have a weak tooth, a dentist can recommend use of crowns to protect the tooth from fracturing. They can also restore a fractured tooth.

Attaching a bridge:

In case it is necessary for you to have a bridge, a dentist can recommend use of a crown to attach the bridge. For those who have discoloured teeth, a crown can also be applied to cover them. For those who have had root canal treatment, crowns are commonly used to cover them.

How Bridges Work

Bridges are used to fill the space which will be left after you lose one or more teeth. The missing teeth will lead to shifting of the other remaining teeth. This in the long run will lead to the development of poor bites and other teeth complications. Dentists recommend the use of bridges in order to fill the space. The bridges are usually cemented to the adjacent teeth to where the space has been left. The teeth where the bridges are cemented are referred to as abutments. They usually serve as anchors for the bridge. Just like crowns, there are different materials which can be used to make bridges. Before a dentist affixes a bridge, they will take into consideration the location of the gaps in your mouth and ensure they use the right materials to have the bridges fixed.

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