Are Dentures the Same as Teeth?

Are Dentures the Same as Teeth?

January 1, 2022

No, dentures are not the same as teeth. Dentures are not the same as teeth because dentures do not have nerves, cannot produce saliva, and can cause bone loss over time. They do, however, resemble your teeth in appearance and function.

Dentures are prosthetic devices used when a few or all of your natural teeth are lost due to an accident or aging.

What are Dental Dentures?

Dental dentures are artificial replacements for missing teeth and other structures in the mouth. Dental dentures are made of durable plastic, metal, or porcelain to replace teeth. They can replace a single missing tooth or all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Dental dentures are custom-fit to your mouth and your bite.

What are the types of Dental Dentures?

Dental dentures are a prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. They are generally used to replace a whole set or a few missing teeth.

The types of dentures vary depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic preferences. They can be either partial or complete dentures, including fixed (or conventional), removable dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

  • 1. Fixed dental dentures

Dental dentures refer to a prosthesis designed to replace some or all of the teeth.

Dental dentures can be classified as fixed, partial, or complete. Fixed dental dentures are more stable and secure than other types as they do not rely on elasticity or suction for retention.

Fixed dental dentures are used when you have missing teeth, and there is no more bone left. This type of dental restoration is used in cases where the patient needs a full set of replacement teeth.

  • 2. Complete dentures

Complete dentures are created to resemble natural teeth in form and function. They are used to replace all of the natural teeth in a person’s mouth.

Complete dentures are typically made out of acrylic, which is a type of plastic. They also come in various shapes and sizes depending on how many teeth they need to replace.

  • 3. Immediate dental dentures

An immediate denture is the most common type of denture placed on the same day as your extraction. These dentures are used as a temporary measure as you wait for the complete dentures.

  • 4. Fixed partial dentures

Fixed partial dentures are not complete replacements for natural teeth. They are only used to replace one or two missing teeth. They can be made of metal alloys, acrylic resin plastics, porcelain-fused-to-metal substructures, and porcelain alloys. The most well-known type of fixed partial denture is acrylic resin plastic which is highly resilient to wear and tear.

  • 5. Mini dentures

Mini dentures are a type of denture that is smaller than a traditional denture. They are less bulky and customized dental appliances created to replace one or more missing teeth. It can be made either from metal or acrylic, and its shape will match the remaining natural teeth. Mini dentures are commonly fitted for patients who have lost three or four teeth and do not want to wear a full set of dentures.

  • 6. Overdenture

An overdenture is a type of dental implant used to replace teeth. Overdentures are removable dental prosthesis, which covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth, or dental implants. These dentures have been proven to be a practical measure, as it takes the load off the remaining natural teeth and prevents their irreversible damage.

  • 7. Hybrid dentures

A hybrid denture is a more stable, fixed solution for patients who have lost a lot of teeth or have a lot of bone loss. It is attached to four or more implants placed in your jaw. These implants are metal screws placed into the bone. These can be used to replace some or all of the missing teeth. Patients that multiple missing teeth or have bone loss and can benefit from this treatment.

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