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Golf Links Dental Leverages Dental Technology to Improve Patient Experience

When a patient needing digital impressions sits in any dental chair, the first question they tend to ask is if they have to undergo the “goop” process. That is the traditional manner for dentists to acquire impressions of the mouth in which to create a final product – braces, crowns, onlays, implants, bridges, etc. It was especially traumatic for those with a strong gag reflex.

The look of relief on our patients’ faces when we let them know we have a digital scanner for taking impressions, is priceless and well worth the investment in the technology for our Ancaster dental office. Not only is it a more comfortable option for our patients, it is a more efficient and effective option for our entire Ancaster dental team, significantly decreasing the odds of an inaccurate fit due to impression distortion.


First Impressions Matter

The challenge with traditional impressions is that we, as dentists, couldn’t always tell if the impressions we took had distorted through the transportation and final lab manufacturing process. We could only identify problems at the final patient fitting… and that can prove frustrating to all parties involved. Our advancement to technology offers a unique opportunity to remove the typical challenges faced with traditional impressions, while helping increase the speed to final product for the client.

As technology improves, scanners have been developed to replace traditional impression techniques.  Our Golf Links Dental Team now uses incredibly advanced 3D scanners, fitted with a high-quality camera, to take 3D images of our patients’ teeth. Not only is it more comfortable for our patients, it allows the lab to print a 3D model that is used to create a highly accurate final restoration.

The benefits of these 3D scanners are immense, but for our team, there were a few key determining factors that resulted in our purchase of a digital scanner for our Golf Links Dental office:

  1. Accuracy: Since bringing in the digital impressions, we have seen a significant decrease in common errors associated with traditional dental impressions. The digital scanner allows the lab to create an extremely accurate 3D model, resulting in restorations that tend to fit incredibly well; will last years longer; and feel and look better.
  2. More Natural End Product: The scanner allows our Ancaster dental team to take extremely accurate shade measurements, achieving a better colour match between your restoration and your adjacent teeth. Ultimately that means an end product that looks incredibly real and natural.
  3. Patient comfort: All patients, but especially those with a sensitive gag reflex, appreciate the new scanner. The digital images are taken with a camera, rather than a gooey putty, so we avoid the mess and discomfort for our patients (and our dental hygienists).
  4. Time Savings: Information between our dental office and our lab takes place in a matter of minutes rather than days. If there are any concerns with the digital impression, we can be alerted immediately and correct the problem. We are seeing faster turnarounds on all our restorations, which allows our patients to get back to smiling faster.

If you are looking for more information on how technology plays a vital role in our Ancaster office, we’d love to talk more about your specific questions and dental situation.

If you want a team that cares about your dental health as much as you do, and utilizes the most up-to-date technology to make your experience a positive one, give Golf Links Dental a call at 905.648.9598. We are a family dental practice in Ancaster that welcomes and treats people of all ages.