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Ancaster Dental Care Childrens Oral Health

ancaster-dental-care-childrens-oral-healthHow important is nutrition to my child’s oral health?

We all know diet goes a long way when it comes to childhood development—but do you realize the exact impact of nutrition on your kids’ oral health? As it turns out, your teeth are what you eat; for your kids, this means that dining on healthy lunches can translate into strong, shiny smiles.

Don’t know where to begin your meal prep? Don’t worry: your favourite family dentist in Ancaster, Golf Links Dental, has you covered with this simple plan…. Ancaster dental care children’s oral health.

Don’t skimp on fruits and veggies!

Rich in key vitamins and minerals for oral health (such as calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin C), fruits and vegetables should play a starring role in your kids’ lunchboxes. Excellent options include sliced peppers, celery, carrots, and apples: like natural toothbrushes, these crisp choices help to clean plaque off of the teeth and freshen breath. To spice things up, consider adding a low-fat dip, like seed butter or light cream cheese.

Pack in the protein

As with certain vegetables, protein contains significant amounts of phosphorous, a vital mineral in strengthening teeth. Great veggie-based options include hummus and tofu, while animal-based products like turkey, ham, grilled chicken, eggs, and cottage cheese will also do the trick.

Go for Grains

Accompany any lunch with a healthy dose of whole grains to keep your kids smiling! Chock-full of B vitamins and magnesium, these ingredients help to keep bones, teeth, and gums strong and healthy. What’s more, whole grains can also reduce their risk for gum disease: they help the body to better process blood sugar, a key factor in the maintenance of gum health.

Drink to their health

Without contest, water is the best choice to accompany any healthy lunch. Plain milk is also a healthy pick. While your kids may desire sweetened fruit juices or soda, these high-sugar beverages can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay in the long run.

Double up on dairy

Rich in both calcium and protein, dairy products are a must-have when it comes to creating strong teeth. Include low-fat yogurt and cheese for snack time, and you’ll get your kids on the road to optimal oral health. Smoothies are also an excellent choice: blend various fruits with milk and/or yogurt for a fun and delicious lunchtime drink.

Ancaster Dental Care

Finally, to get your kids excited about their lunches, consider involving them in the packing process. This will motivate them to eat their nutritionally-savvy choices! Of course, for best results, any proper diet should be paired with regular trips to the dentist. If your kids need to book in with a dentist in Ancaster, call Golf Links Dental at 905-648-9598.